Presale detail

This will help you to get the best price for your vehicle. We will thoroughly inspect the car, remove the spots and stains or anything that can bring down the value of the car. We will leave you with a vehicle that will be much more easier for you to sell. Not just the regular car washing and servicing we follow the following steps to bring your car in shape:

  • Pressure pre-wash (including wheels, arches and door shuts)
  • Snow foam pre-wash (using PH neutral snow foam)
  • Exterior Hand cleaned (using PH neutral paint shampoo, two bucket method and lambs wool mitts)
  • Wheels cleaned (using two bucket method and non-acidic wheel cleaner)
  • Hand-dried using super soft drying towels
  • Engine Bay light clean/dress
  • Single stage machine polish using AIO polish
  • Exterior glass polished
  • Full interior vacuum (including boot)
  • Spot stains removed
  • Interior glass polished
  • All plastics cleaned and dressed
  • Tyres dressed