Cut and polish

There are numerous products available for those looking to cut and polish in Adelaide. However, while cutting and polishing products are available in plenty it is the method that is most difficult, and therefore, most often executed wrongly when done minus an expert.

Cut and polish are essential as alien particles such as animal droppings, dirt, tree sap, oil, exhaust contaminants, and other impurities affect the paint on a vehicle. Along with that, the harsh Australian climate also affects the vehicles.

The first step of a specialised cut and polish is removing the external particles from the paint. This cannot be done with a simple car wash, and special chemicals are used to purge the vehicle.

The second step is compounding.  Compounds are tiny coarse elements that fundamentally buff the paint causing dull, scratched, oxidised spots, to look better. Then, polishing is done.

The third step is polishing which cleanses the paint by removing oxidation, scratches, and other slight paint defects.  We do hand polishing too and that gives the best results.  Polishes have a cutting ability, however, are smoother than compounds.

The last step of a cut and polish is waxing, the catch is there are different types of waxes.  It bestows a protective shield between the surface and the environment.  Ultimately, your car looks better because more light reflects from the surface resulting in a high gloss finish.